Valentín Elizalde's Former Partner Killed By Gunman In Sonora, Mexico

Valentin Elizalde
Courtesy Photo

Valentin Elizalde

The former partner of late singer Valentin Elizalde, Blanca Vianey Durán Brambila, was killed by a gunman in the state of Sonora, Mexico on June 20. 

According to Mexican authorities, she was shot twice in the head by a man who approached her and then fled the scene.

The incident happened during the early hours of Monday in the northern city Ciudad Obregón. Brambila and Elizalde's daughter was not injured during the altercation. There have been no arrests on the case. 

In 2006, the banda singer, known for his corridos like "A mis enemigos" and "El corrido del diez," was shot to death after one of his concerts in Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

It is believed that Elizalde, known as the "Gallo de Oro," was killed due to one of his corridos that caused an uproar within the drug trafficking cartel Los Zetas. His murderer, Raúl Hernández Barrón, was arrested several years later in Veracruz.