Selena Gomez Drives Latin Fans Crazy by Speaking Spanish In a Commercial: Watch

Selena Gomez in a commercial for Pantene.
Courtesy Photo

Selena Gomez in a commercial for Pantene.

American singer Selena Gomez has always stayed close to her Latin roots. But a new Pantene commercial has her getting even closer by having her speak entirely in Spanish for the duration of the 38-second spot.  "Yo necesito mas que un acondicionador...Cámbiate a Pantene, y notarás la diferencia," is one of the many lines Gomez drops. 


Immediately, her fans blew up social media networks, reacting to her adorable Spanish accent.









Since the beginning of her career, we've known that Selena Gomez's father is Mexican, but the singer had previously said she didn't speak Spanish well. Apparently, she learned!