Tidal Adds Cultura Profetica to Growing Number of Live Stream Concerts

Luis Ortiz/Clasos/LatinContent/GettyImages
Cultura Profetica performs at the stage during the second day of Vive Latino Festival 2016 at Foro Sol on April 24, 2016 in Mexico City.

Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profética will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a special concert from New York on May 24 that Tidal will live stream. 

"We are honored to be hosting the live stream of the legendary Cultura Profética and help them give fans around the world the opportunity to join the celebration," Robert Castillo, Tidal representative focused on Latin talent, told Billboard. 

Cultura joins a significant number of Latin artists, including C-Kan, Julión Álvarez, Yandel and Enrique Iglesias, who have joined forces with the artist-centric music service. Mexican rapper C-Kan live streamed his concert in Guadalajara back in October while Yandel performed at the Tidal X: Latinos concert in April. 

"It's extremely important to support and provide a platform to Latin artists; we know it's an underserved but growing market. We have always known that we want to focus on all genres of music, but we especially excited given the growing rise of the Latin demographic and cross influences around the world," adds Castillo. 

Later this week, Tidal will also expand into additional Latin American countries including Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic. 

Billboard talked to Cultura Profética about their deal with Tidal, staying relevant in the industry for 20 years, and what goals they still have. 

How did the partnership with Tidal and Cultura Profética come about?

They reached out to us and honestly, the partnership came in the perfect moment. Tidal can reach the English/American market in a way that we still can't. The live stream will definitely be a platform that will help us connect with our fans on an international level. This is a concert that we want to share with our fans and Tidal will helps us do that. 

Besides showcasing this concert on Tidal's platforms, what else is the band hoping comes out of this relationship?

We really want to get more exposure. There are parts of the world that probably haven't heard our music, even after being together for so long. But then opportunities like these come up and Tidal can help us take our music to places we haven't been able to before. 

You've become one of the most important bands from Puerto Rico. You are also activists and you've used your platform to shine light on political issues going on in your country. How important has it been for the band to be that voice of the pueblo

It's really important. We aren't anyone yet our fans look to us to feel represented. And we have become that voice because we talk about stuff that is affecting all of us. 

What's next for Cultura Profética?

We still have lots of places to go to. We want to go to countries in Latin America. We want to go to Brazil for sure, we know it's a tough market but we know we can do it. Another dream would be to tour in Europe, we'll be playing in London for the first time at the Frontera Festival, so that's an important achievement. 

The live stream begins at 7pm EST.