Watch Residente Give Passionate Speech at Bronx Bernie Sanders Rally

Residente Calle 13 Bernie Sanders 2016
D Dipasupil/WireImage

Residente of Calle 13 speaks onstage at a campaign event for 2016 Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at Saint Mary's Park on March 31, 2016 in New York City. 

Following Rosario Dawson and Spike Lee's remarks at a Bernie Sanders rally in the Bronx on March 31, Calle 13's René Pérez "Residente" took the stage to give a passionate speech on why he is endorsing the Vermont senator. 

"Tonight, I'm not here to talk about economic issues, because I'm not an economist. I'n not here to talk about our right to free, quality education or our right to free and accessible health care," he began. "I could speak of the racial injustices that people are suffering in this country and in the rest of the world, and of the need for a comprehensive immigration reform. All of these are serious issues in America, but today, I came to speak briefly about the history of Puerto Rico and a little bit about the history of Latin America and why I'm here tonight in support of Bernie Sanders." 

The Puerto Rican singer then went on to talk about the unfairness of the United States electoral system because even though the island is a U.S. territory and citizens have served in the U.S. military, they are still not able to vote in presidential elections.

"We are currently living an unprecedented economic crisis and have the highest rates of poverty and unemployment of any other place in the U.S., yet the U.S. government does not even allow us to restructure our debt ... I support Bernie Sanders, because someone like Hillary Clinton does not deserve my vote." 

Catch Residente's full speech below (around the 18:30 minute-mark).

After the rally, the "Ojos Color Sol" singer shared on social media a picture with the presidential hopeful and Lee where he says, they talked about baseball.  

Residente is known for being very vocal and active on political issues, especially when it comes to advocating the independence of Puerto Rico. "My crime is to fight for the independence of Puerto Rico, for all human rights and the release of Oscar Lopez," he told the media back in 2013.