Watch New Video From Calle 13's Ileana Cabra

Ileana Cabra
Courtesy Photo

Ileana Cabra in a still from her new video for "Canibal."

Calle 13's female voice to release first solo album

Ileana Cabra Joglar is best known as Calle 13’s little sister, PG-13. Now using the name iLe, the diminutive but mighty-voiced singer has emerged with the first single from a solo album following Calle 13’s break up (or call it an indefinite haitus) at the end of its summer 2015 tour.

The album, titled ilevitable, was produced by Calle 13 drummer Ismael Cancel. Cabra’s brother, Eduardo Cabra (Calle 13’s Visitante) was also involved, arranging and playing keyboards.

Fans of Calle 13’s voice have been waiting for this news for a while. In 2012, she delivered a powerful bolero (“La Pared”) on Puerto Rican Banco Popular’s annual Christmas album, and a solo album was expected to follow. According to iLe’s publicist, seventy-five musicians, composers and arrangers will be credited on ilevitable, which, judging by the first single, delivers on the promise she showed on that previous solo song and with her work with Calle 13. ILe started performing with her brothers (Eduardo Cabra and Rene Perez Joglar “Residente”) when she was just sixteen. A release date for the album has not yet been announced.

The video for the single “Canibal,” released today (April 1), finds her looking seriously grown up, but keep watching and you’ll see that she hasn’t lost some of the edge for which Calle 13 is known.