Petition Asks Vevo to Remove Gerardo Ortiz's 'Fuiste Mía' Video for Allegedly Promoting Violence Against Women

Courtesy Photo
Gerardo Ortiz in the "Fuiste Mía" music video.

Gerardo Ortiz's video "Fuiste Mía" is under fire. A petition started on is demanding Vevo take the clip down, claiming the video promotes violence against women. 

Signed by more than 4,000 people, the petition reads, "It is precisely thanks to this type of content that makes violence against women acceptable and apparently something to enjoy since the expressions on the video are seductive and pleasurable ones. Those expressions are created and recreated in the majority of Mexican Regional music lyrics. Oppression against women is constantly taking center stage."

In the sexually explicit music video, which has 19 million views and was released back in January, Ortiz finds his girlfriend cheating on him and violently kills the man she's in bed with. If that wasn't enough, he ties her up and throws her in his car's trunk to later set her on fire. 

The petition adds: "In six years, more than 900 women and young girls were violently killed in Mexico and almost half were murdered with these types of firearms. This puts our country, with nine other Latin American countries, in the top 25 countries with the most feminicidios in the world." 

Billboard reached out to Ortiz's rep for comment and did not hear back at press time. 

Check out the video below. (Warning: The video contains violence and sexual content.)