Shakira Talks About Animated 'Zootopia' Role & How She Put More Hips Into It: Watch

Shakira Zootopia 2016
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Shakira has confirmed that will record a new album soon.

Colombian star Shakira always wanted to be in a Disney movie, and her wish came true in animated flick Zootopia

In the character of Gazelle -- a famous singer in the city of Zootopia who raises her voice against discrimination and promotes peace -- Shakira found herself. “When I was introduced to my character, I found a lot of common denominators between her and I,” Shakira told Billboard.

The superstar also confessed that like the main character, bunny Judy Hopps, as a child she wanted to be a police officer and defend human rights. See the full interview with Shakira below:


The animated movie debuts in theaters March 4.

Regarding the rumors about a new album coming soon, the singer confirmed that next month she'll begin the process of creating songs for her new album.