Live Nation Partners With Voto Latino: Exclusive

Julieta Vengas
Courtesy Photo

Partnership will place voter registration drives at concerts by Latin stars & launch an online, artist-endorsed campaign aimed at young Latinos.

Voto Latino has partnered with Live Nation in a campaign to sign up voters at concerts by Latin artists including Maná and Julieta Venegas.

“The Latin entertainment industry is collectively concerned about the future of the Latino communities in the U.S. and we feel we have a unique opportunity to get as many Latin artists involved in a campaign to motivate young Latinos during our live shows across the country to register to vote,” Manuel Moran, Vice President of Latin Programming and Touring for Live Nation, told Billboard.

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“Caring about our community is not being political,” added Raul Rueda, Live Nation’s National Marketing Director. “In fact, we believe that any company that works with and for the Latino community in the United States, in one way or the other should support organizations like Voto Latino.”

The campaign will kick off at Julieta Venegas’ Feb. 25 show at San Antonio's Aztec Theater, a stop on her just-announced "Algo Sucede" tour.

Voto Latino will also join rock group Maná on its "Latino Power "tour, kicking off Sept. 9 in San Diego, which is being billed as a call to vote for Latinos nationwide.

The voter registration campaign will be present at Live Nation-promoted concerts by other artists; more names and locations will soon be announced.

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The campaign will combine Voto Latino-branded voter registration booths at concerts with an online campaign that will continue until Election Day. The artist themselves will also be promoting the importance of Latino participation in the presidential election.

“In 2016, 44 percent of the entire American Latino electorate will be millennials,” Maria Teresa *Kumar, President and Ceo of the decade-old Voto Latino organization said.

“We have a massive opportunity ahead of us, to engage young American Latinos who in many ways are already natural leaders within their families, helping their parents navigate complicated systems...The last 10 years taught us that registering alone is not enough - we have to bring others with us. So we're urging millennials to register, and then register their family and friends.