Gente de Zona & Marc Anthony Release 'Traidora' Video: Watch

Alexander Delgado, Marc Anthony and Randy Martinez
Carlos Escobar

Alexander Delgado, Marc Anthony and Randy Martinez.

We've already enjoyed "La Gozadera," a track that toured Latin America with lyrical references to the culture of each country. Now, Cuban duo Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony take us to enjoy Miami beaches in their new music video "Traidora" (Traitor), a collaboration that Billboard first announced exclusively last year.

The music video, directed by Alejandro Perez ("Bailando" and "La Gozadera"), shows Marc Anthony and Gente De Zona's Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom as children falling in love with the same girl, only to get a big surprise years later. See the video below:

"Traidora," now at No. 18 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs and Latin Airplay charts (for the week ending on Jan. 30), is more tropical than reggaetón and manages to be rhythmic and lyrical at the same time. The song follows the trio's 2015 hit ‘La Gozadera,’ which peaked No. 2 on Hot Latin Songs.

Last year, Gente de Zona was signed by Magnus Media, Anthony’s entertainment, branding, marketing, social media and content development company.

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