Pitbull's Friendly Politics: Good Relationship With Marco Rubio & Jeb Bush Don't Equal Endorsement

Josh Brasted/WireImage

Pitbull performs at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival at the Fair Grounds Race Course on April 26, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Yes, Pitbull is friends with Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. So what?

“I have a relationship with Jeb Bush and I have a relationship with Marco Rubio, and when we sit down and talk, we don’t talk politics,” he said to Fox News Latino over the weekend. "To be able to have these conversations, they're priceless."

It’s a stance the rapper has been very consistent with through time.

Back in October, CNBC aired a special on the Cuban star titled Pitbull: Fame & Fortune, and asked him about his political buddies.

"They've all come to you, haven't they? Looking for endorsements?" asked CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, referring to Rubio and Bush.

"Not looking for endorsements," he replied. "They like to hang out and talk. And I like to hang out and talk. I like to learn. I like to hear what they got going on and what they're thinking."

And this shouldn’t be that surprising. Rubio and Pitbull are both Miami raised with Cuban roots. As for Bush, his Latin ties are many.  

 “And let me tell you, Jeb Bush speaks Spanish fluently,” Pitbull told Fox News Latino.  “He can hang out in the neighborhoods of Miami and they go, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. This guy is a Bush?’”

It’s not the first time Pitbull indicates he’s “simpatico” with Bush. Back in May, during an interview with Howard Stern on Sirius, he recounted he had once told Bush how he got his “PItbull” moniker.

“I said, ‘Well, I was on the way to a pitbull fight, and a Dominican friend of mine was like, ‘Yo, that should be your name -- you're always out here fighting these guys and battling in rap and this,’ ” Pitbull said.

 “And Jeb goes, 'Well, good thing you weren't on the way to a cockfight.’ ”

“I was [like,] ‘Jeb, that was pretty slick!’ ”

Slick, friendly, and all that, but Pitbull has yet to endorse any candidate.

As for Rubio, he's said he's a fan of Pitbull and Nicki Minaj