Watch Alx Veliz's U.S. Debut 'Dancing Kizomba' (Exclusive)

?Alx Veliz
Jesse Herzog

Alx Veliz

Lately, Canadian acts like Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, Drake and Justin Bieber are ruling the Billboard charts, opening new opportunities for upcoming artists.  Inspired by their success, Canadian/Latin singer Alx Veliz, born and raised in Canada to Guatemalan parents, wants to be next, exploring new sounds and dance moves in his single debut "Dancing Kizomba."

Just four months ago, Veliz reached one of his goals.  He signed a worldwide deal (full rights) with Universal Music, and today Billboard is exclusively premiering his music video for "Dancing Kizomba."

Watch Alx Veliz's "Dancing Kizomba" video below:

Kizomba is a dance that comes from Angola. It combines elements of European ballroom dance with African dance movement and timing. "It was very difficult for me to learn the dance," Veliz confessed to Billboard. And, the song --born in a traffic jam -- is just the inspiration of the dance and the sounds together telling the story of a man and woman falling in love via the beauty of dance.

In a conversation with Billboard, Veliz spoke about the story behind the song.

How did you create "Dancing Kizomba?"

I met my producer, who lives in Montreal and he showed me kizomba because it was blowing up in Montreal. I fell in love with the culture and music. Days after the meeting, I was in my car, where I always get inspired, and the sounds and lyric just appeared in my head; I had to go immediately to my studio to create the song.

Why are you launching "Dancing Kizomba" in both languages at the same time, as a new artist?

Canada is very crowded with English speaking acts and, unfortunately, there are not many Latin artists. I just want to show that I'm not only Canadian; I'm also a Latin artist because of my roots. My goal is that every song that I create in English will be done in Spanish as well.

Was it difficult to learn the dance moves?

At the beginning it was difficult. You know us [Latins]; we have four steps in salsa and kizomba is about three steps and focusing on the steps and the sensuality at the same time. I am not an expert but I'm getting there.