Los Cardenales de Sinaloa Accordionist Murdered in Mexico

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After a brief lull in violence, yet another regional Mexican musician has been murdered in Mexico. Marcos Félix Bojórquez, 30, accordionist for Los Cardenales de Sinaloa, was shot nine times early Saturday morning (Oct. 31) when the group returned from a gig in Sinaloa.

Mexican police reports said Bojórquez was in a car with his bandmates when they were intercepted by armed men who specifically asked for Bojórquez to step out of the car, according to Mexican news site Proceso. When he did, he was shot nine times.

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His bandmates were allowed to go their way, but Bojorquez’s body was dumped in a ditch. According to Mexican newspaper El Debate, Bojórquez’s body was found the next morning next to his hat. He was still wearing Cardenales’ red uniform and black boots.

Bojórquez’s murder is the latest in a string of killings of regional Mexican artists in Mexico that goes back several years but saw a resurgence between March and April of 2015.

The violence affects new and established acts. In this case, Los Cardelanes de Sinaloa—not to be mistaken with veteran band Los Cardenales de Nuevo León—were a lesser-known act returning from playing a sweet 15 party.