Hillary Clinton Joined Marc Anthony on Stage in Miami

Hillary Clinton joins Marc Anthony onstage in Miami
Gustavo Caballero/WireImage

Hillary Clinton joins Marc Anthony onstage at his concert at American Airlines Arena on October 2, 2015 in Miami, Florida.  

It was a deafening few minutes of cheers, and jeers, as Marc Anthony brought a very unexpected guest on stage Friday night (Oct. 2) during the first of his two sold out shows at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami.

Wearing an aquamarine jacket, a beaming Hillary Clinton appeared from seemingly nowhere and warmly embraced Anthony as he stood in the center of a 360 degree stage set squarely in the middle of the arena floor. The roar of the crowd was so loud, it was hard to discern who approved and who disapproved (although the fist-shaking from some was an indication).

What was clear, is Hillary was very much there, and Marc Anthony did his best to make her feel welcome.

“This is like family,” he said after performing only his second song of the evening. “I want to recognize someone who came to the concert tonight. Please, with all the respect in the world, let’s hear it for Hillary Clinton.”

The crowd went wild. Anthony and Clinton embraced and posed briefly for photos, and then the democratic contender was escorted out.

It was over in less than two minutes, and Clinton never said a word, perhaps because it would have been hard with all the noise.

Afterwards, Anthony continued his show, as if nothing had happened.  

But in recent weeks, the singer has been extremely critical of Donald Trump and his rhetoric, particularly how it pertains to Latins. Anthony's Miami show coincided with a Clinton fundraiser. Sources say she was interested in attending his concert. 

After her appearance, Clinton tweeted a photo of herself with Anthony, asking her supporters to join "Latinos for Hillary." See the tweet below:

See video below:

Posted by Leila Cobo on Friday, October 2, 2015