Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias Video Not Quite About 'Forgiveness': Which 'El Perdon' Visual Is Best?

Enrique Iglesias and Nicky Jam in the "Forgiveness (El Perdon)" video

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The music video for "Forgiveness" -- the English version of Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias’ hit single “El Perdón” -- is finally out.

But what, if anything, does the video have to do with the song? “Forgiveness” talks about loss and longing, and the original video for the Spanish single, which showed Iglesias and Jam in the streets of a poor neighborhood in Medellín, struck the right note of melancholy, regret and searching.

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“Forgiveness,” instead, shows the duo auditioning for a part in a play that will place them alongside a beautiful star. The setting -- an old theater -- is gorgeous, as is director Jessy Terrero’s direction. But the flippant story line strikes an incongruous note with the plaintiveness of the lyrics, particularly at the very end.

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