Salvador Santana Premieres 'I Don't Want It to End' Video: Exclusive

Ashley Beliveau
Salvador Santana

While Salvador Santana’s music to date has not played out a total like-father-like-son scenario, Salvador and his guitar god dad do share a taste for psychedelic sounds and spiritual vibes in their songs.

Fantasy Reality is a marriage between the juxtaposition of gritty and raw music with haunting themes and melodies combined with very positive and empowering lyrics and messages,” Salvador says, giving a description of his new album that sounds very Santana indeed.

The video for the album’s latest single, "I Don't Want It To End,” premieres today on Billboard.

"I Don't Want It To End” is all about making this moment, right now the best time of your life," the artist explains.

The younger Santana, who is 32, started playing piano as a child. By age 21, he had formed a jazz band. As a vocalist, his easy delivery and conscious hip-hop style speaks of the legacy of his native San Francisco, and his mother, poet Deborah Santana.

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Salvador just came off a run of dates as a special guest on Carlos Santana’s Corazon tour, during which, for the first time, his father joined him when he performed his own music on stage.