Wisin Joins Ricky Martin in Telling Donald Trump 'Enough Is Enough'

JC Olivera/WireImage

Wisin performs on stage during Mega 96.3 FM Calibash 2015 at Staples Center on January 24, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. 

Donald Trump booting Jorge Ramos out of his press conference seems to be the straw that has broken the camel’s back when it comes to Latin artists and Trump. On August 26, Ricky Martin wrote an “open letter” to Trump saying "enough is enough."

Now, Puerto Rican rapper Wisin has joined the cause with a statement titled: "Wisin Joins and Says: 'Basta Ya!' (Enough)."

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In his missive, Wisin (real name Juan Luis Morera Luna) not only criticizes Trump but also invokes the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here’s what he had to say:

No one who aspires to lead a country can have the audacity to violate inherent human rights, like equality of races and freedom of speech.

The arrogance shown against Jorge Ramos reflects on a man who didn’t learn from the history that so hurt the United States and caused so much suffering due to inequality among races. Men like Martin Luther King were able to dignify human beings without discriminating. Us Latins are able to achieve the impossible!!! Together we are invincible!!!


I join the voice of my friend and compatriot, Ricky Martin, and that of millions of Latins who have grown up, studied and work day to day in this country.

I invite all our community to come together and together raise a single voice:

ENOUGH! Mr. Donald Trump; someone who disrespects one of us disrespects all of us.

We have great responsibility in our hands. We will soon decide who will be the next president of this great country. Let’s all say #BASTAYA