Daddy Yankee & Don Omar's Tour: 15 Songs on Our Dream Set List

GV Cruz/WireImage
Don Omar performs with Daddy Yankee at Coliseo Jose M. Agrelot on May 3, 2013 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Who could have foreshadowed some 10 years ago that former rivals Daddy Yankee and Don Omar would one day put their beef behind them and join forces for reggaeton’s greater good? A joint tour that kicks off Dec. 5 in San Juan, Puerto Rico shows just how much the genre -- and its two kings -- has grown up.

Yankee and Omar always shared many things in common. Both changed the game in the mid-2000s and made reggaeton a global phenomenon. Both are fans of shooting elaborate, at times futuristic videos, with some of them set in exotic locations like Rio de Janeiro. Both are masters of reinvention, constantly infusing urban music with different sounds, from merengue to EDM. And their most recent albums only reaffirm their unique and enduring place in the industry (Yankee’s King Daddy II and Omar’s The Last Don II).

Daddy Yankee and Don Omar to Tour Together: Exclusive

Now that the reggaeton gods have answered our prayers of a joint tour between the Big Boss and the Don, we’ve taken the liberty of creating the ideal set list. Which songs do you want to hear? Sound off in the comments!



No concert of El Cangri’s is complete without this 2004 game-changer, which elevated reggaeton to new heights. We’re guessing he might even save it for the encore, and it would be worth the wait.

“Lo Que Pasó Pasó”

Another homerun from Yankee’s genre-defining 2004 album Barrio Fino, with a swinging, salsa piano line that makes it impossible not to dance to. “Presea, dale presea…” we are so ready to chant this at the top of our lungs.

“Ella Me Levantó”

A huge fan of mambo-flavored reggaeton concoctions, Yankee will hopefully play this crowd-pleaser about a woman who betrayed him and another one who swiftly mended his broken heart.

“La Despedida”

Another kiss-off anthem with a light dose of Auto-Tune and Yankee’s signature ad-libs.

“Ven Conmigo”

This Prince Royce duet is so danceable it would be a crime to leave it out of the set list. Maybe he’ll even bring out the bachata idol to join him onstage in certain cities like New York!


With over 400 million views on Vevo, this is one of Yankee’s biggest hits.

“Sigueme y Te Sigo”

Yankee’s latest single from King Daddy II speaks to his undeniable influence on social media.




Both Yankee and Omar are masters of the danceable break-up anthem, and this 2004 hit is no exception. No matter the city, the stadium is sure to erupt in chants of “Otra, otra noche, otra…”

“Dale Don Dale”

Another smash in Omar’s early repertoire with an incredibly catchy chorus.

“Virtual Diva”

Omar was ahead of his time with this hit, in which he courts a tech-savvy femme.  


“Danza Kuduro”

With over 700 million views on Vevo, it’s the crown jewel in Omar’s vast repertoire.   

“Dutty Love”

We still can’t get this 2012 ditty out of our heads, which shows off Omar’s softer side.


This Lambada-sampling song has gotten over 200 million views to date, making it Omar’s second most-viewed video after “Danza Kuduro.”

“Yo Soy De Aqui”

This Boricua pride anthem featuring Yankee from Omar’s latest album, The Last Don II, is like a torch for everyone who ever came out of the island’s underground movement.  

“Tírate al Medio”

Omar’s The Last Don II featured Yankee on more than one song (this one included). We love how hard each one goes at the tiradera, fiercely spitting rhymes atop an old-school dembow beat with the hunger of two guys just trying to make it.