Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Monster Headphones With Videoed Stunt

Courtesy of YouTube
Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise.

The disguised soccer star is ignored by passersby as he stumps for the new branded electronics line.

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo bared nearly all last week to promote his new underwear line in pictures that drove the Internet crazy. But the busy Real Madrid forward also put on padded sweats, sunglasses and a Joaquin Phoenix-style shaggy beard and wig for a stunt to launch his new branded headphones from Beats by Dre designer Monster.

Passersby in Madrid took little notice of the scruffily disguised Ronaldo as he casually performed pro tricks with a soccer ball and called out to people to join him. A girl refused to give him her phone number (ouch!). Some football fans did notice there was something special about the supposed street person and engaged in play, especially a kid who walked off with a signed ball after Ronaldo stripped off his facial hair, flashing his famous smile.

As could be expected, once he revealed himself, Ronaldo was mobbed.

ROC Live Life Loud, the new "exclusive lifestyle electronics collection curated by Ronaldo," includes three styles of headphones.

“Whether you are jet-setting across the globe like Ronaldo or enjoying downtime, now you can hear every nuance of the music with a one-of-a-kind style,” reads promotional copy from Monster.

Views of the Aug. 3 video of the launch stunt are climbing toward 7 million -- which is good news for Monster, whose partnership with Ronaldo could be a real score in the wake of what the company has characterized as a slap by Beats Electronics. In 2012, Beats began manufacturing the Monster-designed headphones independently, in a move that Monster CEO Noel Lee has decribed as a case of “corporate betrayal” by Dre and fellow Beats founder Jimmy Iovine. Beats was  subsequently acquired by Apple for $3.2 billion. Earlier this year, Monster sued Beats.

In June, Monster announced that in retaliation, Apple had revoked Monster’s authority to make licensed accessories for Apple devices.