Luis Coronel Premieres 'Nada Más Por Eso,' Talks Bonding With Leslie Grace: Exclusive

Courtesy of DEL Records
Luis Coronel

With a growing social media presence and a rapidly ascending career within regional Mexican music, Luis Coronel has been one of the more remarkable case studies on how to reach bilingual, bicultural and mobile-minded millennials. And with the release of his brand new single “Nada Más Por Eso” [Because of That] this Friday (Aug. 7), the romantic balladeer shows no signs of slowing down.  

Known for his sweet gestures towards fans, the 19-year-old Mexican-American idol dedicates the new song to his die-hard Coronelas, who first took notice of him when he began uploading videos to YouTube in 2012. That’s right around when DEL Records boss Angel Del Villar signed him to his roster.  

“Nada Más Por Eso” is Coronel’s first single since “Cuando La Miro,” released five months ago as part of the final promotional run of his highly successful sophomore set, Quiero Ser Tu Dueño. Upon its release in October 2014, the album made history, making a then 18-year-old Coronel the youngest solo artist in 13 years to top the Top Latin Albums chart. 

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But now Coronel is looking ahead and offered Billboard an exclusive scoop on what’s shaping up to be his third, hotly anticipated album.

“With my voice I definitely feel that I’ve taken a dramatic change, since the first album to the second album, just day by day I feel that I’m improving and I’m learning from everything that I go through and I’m adapting,” Coronel tells Billboard from Miami, where he is promoting the new single. Listen to an exclusive premiere of it below.

And though he says he’ll always stay true to that romantic side, Coronel also teases that there will be some exciting surprises on the new album.

“Right now we’re in the studio working on this new album, and we’re adding a lot of my own ideas and more of the rhythms that I like,” says Coronel. “We’re adding more instruments and more up-tempo sounds so that people can feel good and dance. I know that the fans are going to love it, they’re really going to enjoy it.”

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And speaking of different rhythms, Coronel recently duetted with Leslie Grace on a new version of her single “Como Duele el Silencio.” The pair recently debuted the irresistible bachata-banda hybrid on the Premios Juventud youth awards show, to collective cheers from fans on both sides. For Coronel, who regularly covers Prince Royce’s “Darte Un Beso” in concerts, it was a welcome opportunity to play with a genre other than his own.

“I love being able to sing bachata, I feel the music, the rhythm, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t sing the [“Como Duele el Silencio”] song -- even in the shower!” jokes Coronel, who took home four trophies at Premios Juventud.

As for working with Grace, Coronel says he had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat. “I loved being able to sing with Leslie, someone who is so sweet, charming, generous and focused on what she’s doing. I really like that. There are so many young people who are fighting for their dreams, just like Leslie, and I can definitely relate to that.”

As someone who lost his father at a young age and now takes care of his mother and siblings, Coronel shares that he and the bachata princess bonded over their shared family values. “We talked a lot about how close she is with her family. To be able to see someone like that who is doing so many beautiful things for herself and is still so close to her family, they’re the reason why she keeps on going, it just amazes me -- that’s my story as well.”

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As for being able to record across genres and experiment freely with different sounds, Coronel says it’s one of the more exciting things about being a millennial artist.

“Being able to do something else is a little scary, I’m always thinking, ‘what’s the people’s reaction going to be,’ but there’s definitely no limit to music,” says Coronel. “I love every instrument, I love listening to the noise. There’s no barriers. There’s nothing that can stop us from doing what we love, everything comes from our hearts. We live it. The music will never stop.”