Prince Royce: 5 Essential Things He's Bringing On Tour With Ariana Grande

Lucy Hewett
Prince Royce performs at the Untitled Supper Club in Chicago on April 7, 2015 for the Billboard En Vivo concert series.

While Roycenaticas are counting the days until the July 24 release of Prince Royce's debut English-language album, Double Vision, another important milestone has been notched up in the bachatero's rapidly rising career: he's going on tour with Ariana Grande!

Kicking off July 16 in Tampa, Fla., and wrapping Oct. 15 in El Paso, Texas, Grande's Honeymoon Tour promises to blast Royce into a whole new stratosphere, something which he's genuinely excited about. "I know that I'm going to be reaching a new audience," Royce tells Billboard. "I'll be singing in English but also in Spanish and I'll be going to places that I haven't gone to."

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Say no more, Royce, we're in! But what does the bachata-turned-pop idol absolutely, unequivocally need to bring on tour?

Here's what:

1. Games 
The Xbox and PlayStation are 100 % going with Royce. "I got to make sure that video games are on deck for the off days, bus and dressing room," he tells Billboard. 

2. Smoothies
"I have to make sure that I'm still hitting the gym and taking my protein shakes and vitamins."

3. Fly gear
"I got to take clothes for the off days." 

4. Bubbly
"I don't drink much, but you might celebrate one night and sometimes have a drink or two and relax."

5. Beats
"I like to keep my music portable, doesn't matter if the bus has speakers, I think it's cool to connect your phone and go to sleep with light music or put the volume up when we go down the road."

Apparently, Royce won't be bringing donuts...