Five Artists to Watch at LAMC 2015

Check out Systema Solar, Callate Mark, Buscabulla and more.

The crowd at the Latin Alternative Music Conference has always been as curious and eclectic as the artists who perform at the annual New York City summer event, and this year’s lineup won’t disappoint those looking for new and different sounds. Here are five artists to watch at this week’s LAMC.

Systema Solar

Systema Solar pumps up the typical Afro-Colombian sound system with a barrage of good dance vibes from the Caribbean coast and beyond. This musical magnet is sure to draw a spontaneous crowd at SummerStage in Central Park when they perform tonight (Wed. July 8).

Callate Mark

The fact that Callate Mark is named after a song by Buenos Aires’ great eighties anarchist band Sumo would be enough motivation to check out this group of young Argentine upstarts. Their energetic retro rock sound and the stage (and video) appeal of lead singer Tadeo Luna and his mates are two more reasons to catch them Wednesday at the Highline Ballroom and Thursday at the LAMC acoustic showcase at SOBs

Sonia de los Santos

Hip kids have been spotted accompanying their parents to the LAMC’s outdoor shows since the conference and festival began over 15 years ago. Now, in the era of kindie rock, it’s become even more family friendly. On Saturday (July 11), LAMC hosts a concert by Sonia de los Santos especially for the little bilingual ones at Casa Azul Bookstore uptown. The Mexican sings and guitarist, known for collaborating with children’s music god Dan Zanes, debuts her first solo album "De Nuevo León to the New York Island."


​The artist known as Gepe has gone from underground Chilean electro-folk phenomenon to one of the hottest indie pop acts in Latin America. It's about time: he is a major, original talent. See Gepe at the Highline Ballroom on Thursday.


Brooklyn-based Puerto Rican nonconformists Buscabulla have attracted attention with layered and literate Latin electro-pop. Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle bring it to the Highline tonight (July 8).