Jenni Rivera Remembered: Olga Tañon, Gerardo Ortiz & More on Latin Icon's Place in Music History

Jenni Rivera is a true American success story. “Is” being the operative word, because though her life was cut short on Dec. 9, 2012, her legacy remains intact. It was on July 2, 1969, that Rivera came into this world and forever changed it.

“I admire her because she was a warrior, a fighter,” singer Olga Tañon tells Billboard on what would have been her friend’s 46th birthday. “She represented every woman; even though she faced the hardest situations in life, she had the courage to still stand strong and continually kept fighting for her dreams.”

Jenni Rivera Remembered: 15 Career Milestones for La Diva de la Banda's Birthday

“She was a hard worker and a good and truthful friend,” adds Tañon, who knew and loved the woman behind the Diva de la Banda persona, and even shared the stage with Rivera more than once. “She will be remembered for a combination of incredible things: for her enormous talent, for her success, and, unfortunately, for her tragic loss.”

Join Tañon, as well as other musical colleagues, including Gerardo OrtizBanda El Recodo, and more in celebrating this Mexican American icon’s extraordinary life and career.