Paulina Rubio Turns 44: Which of Her Music Video Looks is Your Favorite? Vote!

Courtesy Photo
Paulina Rubio

Happy Birthday Pau! Believe it or not, Paulina Rubio turns 44 today (June 17). Nope, you would never guess from looking at her -- the woman looks beyond fabulous, particularly in her music videos. An avid fashionista, Rubio has long treated those videos as mini film sets, replete with outfit changes and avant-garde looks.

In honor of Pau’s big day, we looked back at some of her top videos -- but just couldn’t decide which look/persona we liked better.

Pau Powers, what's your favorite? Take our poll below and let us know!

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"Te Quise Tanto" (Paulina the Glam Queen)

 Psychedelica, cartoons, glamor and really, really big bracelets. What's not to like?

"Y Yo Sigo Aquí" (Paulina the Ultimate Party Girl)

She has always relished that bad-ass, hard-partying persona. Here, she lives up to the dream, waking up from a loooooong night out next to beautiful boys and girls, shimmying up against them and strutting in a cheetah print bikini.

"Ni Una Sola Palabra" (Paulina the Superhero)

Pop's golden girl has superpowers, strutting atop Miami rooftops with a golden cape, booties, cuffs and gadgets.

"Yo No Soy Esa Mujer" (Paulina the Secret Agent)

Too bad they didn't make another Austin Powers movie, because she would have fit right in. 

"El Último Adios" (Paulina the Sexy Mariachi)

Even in heartbreak, Paulina looks fabulous in tiny shorts and halter-tops. 

"Mi Nuevo Vicio" (Paulina as Mrs. Robinson)

In her newest single, featuring the band Morat, Pau gambles with boys who are younger, but not necessarily better, for her. Still, we love her sequined miniskirt and garters.