Gerardo Ortiz Shares 10 Things You Didn't Know About Him

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Gerardo Ortiz photographed in 2015.

Regional Mexican superstar Gerardo Ortiz is celebrating the launch of his sixth album, Hoy Más Fuerte (Stronger Today), today (May 18). It's easily his most ambitious effort yet -- and not just because it has 26 tracks.

Hoy Más Fuerte is a more mature, complete album, and it has something for everyone,” Ortiz tells Billboard from the Sony Music offices in Beverly Hills. “You have the banda ballads, the songs with mariachis for the ladies, a cumbia to start the party, even a bachata for those who like that more tropical sound. You’ve got the corridos progresivos (progressive corridos), for which I’m known. And you have two norteño songs aimed at audiences in places like Nuevo León [Mexico] and the people of Texas who love the accordion.”

As for revolutionizing a whole sound, Ortiz says he is most proud of “making high school kids think corridos are cool.” Among that younger crowd is, of course, his younger brother, Kevin Ortiz, who apparently isn’t the only one in the Ortiz clan following in Gerardo’s foortsteps.

Kevin Ortiz on the Formula for Success as a Mexican Millennial

“I see some of my younger cousins and nephews wanting to play instruments and sing, and there's something great about that. I'm glad I can move people with my music," said Ortiz, adding that he made the lengthy album thinking about his upcoming tour, the details of which will be unveiled Tuesday at a press conference.

“I rarely sing covers. At my concerts, you’ll usually hear me sing for three hours and they’re all original songs. With this album, I have enough to sing for five hours,” he jokes.

The 25-year-old singer also indulged us in a round of curious questions about himself -- including his favorite tequila!

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1. Most prized memory?

Hearing a song of mine on the radio for the first time. It was “Las Tundras” and I was driving on the freeway from Mexico to Los Angeles.

2. Biggest dream?

To win a Grammy.

3. Song you sing in the shower?

“Por Qué Terminamos” from my new album.

4. Favorite superhero?

My grandfather.

5. Musical idol?

Bob Marley.

6. Sweetest thing a woman has done for you?

I get a lot of teddy bears and flowers from fans. And chocolates, too.  

7. Sweetest thing you’ve ever done for a woman?

On Mother’s Day, I got my mom a Tres Leches cake all for herself because that’s her favorite and I sent her mariachis.

8. Favorite movie?

Public Enemies with Johnny Depp.

9. Favorite tequila?

Don Julio (blanco).

10. Celebrity crush?

I really like Sofia Vergara. Not only is she hot, but she seems really charming. 


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