Sofia Reyes & Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush Cozy Up in 'Conmigo (Rest of Your Life)' Video

Billboard Latin Music Conference 2015
Michael Seto

Sofia Reyes, Recording Artist at the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards, Miami, FL, on 28 April 2015.

Sofia Reyes just launched the video for her new single “Conmigo (Rest of Your Life),” in which the 19-year-old singer/songwriter lives it up on a pristine Los Angeles beach in the company of a few friends, including Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive. At one point, Reyes even breaks out an acoustic guitar and tambourine while they all gather ‘round a fire that looks perfect for roasting marshmallows. If you listen closely you can hear the waves splash gently behind them.

The scene is pretty much what all of us would rather be doing.

Sofia Reyes on the Power of the Bilingual Millennial Diva

The breezy, bilingual pop record with an R&B flair was written and produced by Romanian singer/songwriter Smiley, Nuyorican Edwin ‘Lil’ Eddie’ Serrano (whose credits include Usher and Janet Jackson), and Reyes, who hails from Mexico and is the first artist signed to Prince Royce’s label D’Leon Records in collaboration with Warner Music.

Enjoy the video below and then watch Reyes discuss the power of the bilingual millennial diva at the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Conference, where she held court in “The Divas” panel alongside Ivy Queen, Kany Garcia, and others.