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Happy Mother's Day! Shakira, Paulina Rubio & Other Celebs Talk Motherhood

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Shakira and son Milan Pique look on during the closing ceremony prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final match between Germany and Argentina at Maracana on July 13, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In celebration of Mother's Day, we take a look at that special bond between these famous musical moms and their kids.


“I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard [Piqué] -- my own fútbol team,” the Colombian icon, and mother to Milan, 2, and Sasha, born January 29, 2015, told Latina magazine. “I came to understand that I’m never going to be the perfect mother, but I’m going to do the best I can. Same goes for everything in my life. What I’m chasing now is happiness.”

Gloria Estefan

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Born into musical royalty, it's no surprise Gloria and Emilio Estefan's daughter Emily, 20, is pursuing a musical career of her own. "They're amazing, golden footsteps to follow in, so my biggest fear now is just being able to do the past justice," Emily, a student at Berklee College of Music, told The Today Show recently. No doubt she will live up to the legacy of whom she proudly calls “the Conga Queen.”

On May 7, Emily posted this tribute to her mom on her YouTube channel, writing, "For this Mother's Day, I wanted to honor my mom (@gloriaestefan) by covering one of her first hit songs "No Sera Facil" and mashing it up with another classic "Unchained Melody" because when it comes to mothers it is hard to find one better than mine." So cute!


Paulina Rubio

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“My baby is very sweet, he worries about others and he loves to share,” the Mexican pop star told Hola of her son Andrea Nicolas, 4. “What impresses me the most is his ability to teach me things. You would think parents are the ones to teach their kids, but this one is teaching me a lot. He has a big heart, a heart of gold.”


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The Mexican superstar just penned a beautiful open letter to her children Sabrina, 8, and Matthew, 3, as part of Time’s “Letters From Mom” series. In it, she writes, “I imagine that at some point in time you will understand that being a Mom is the most honest and powerful journey that a woman will ever make. It involves trying everything to help your kids and never thinking about giving up. It means opening one’s wings and flying like a falcon, always keeping your talons out to protect your little ones. It gives you a second opportunity to discover the world—through your children’s eyes.”

You can read Thalia’s full heartfelt letter to her kids here.

Laura Pausini

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At the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Conference, Pausini opened up about motherhood, saying, “When my mother was pregnant with me, my dad played music all the time so I would become a singer. They told him that was the way to do it. So, during my entire pregnancy I didn’t play any vocal music for her, so my child wouldn’t be a singer. I played only instrumental music. I played Ennio Morricone the whole time. In Italy, many singers are compared to their parents and I didn’t want that for my daughter. I want her to be a classical music conductor, or a total rocker who says, ‘I don’t like your music!’ But, she’ll do whatever she wants.”

When asked what inscription she’d like to have on her tombstone after her death, the Italian singer didn’t hesitate: “It will say, 'Here lies Paola’s mom'."

Gloria Trevi

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Last year, the Mexican Madonna told El País newspaper that she is living the best moment of her life, thanks in large part to motherhood. “I’m so proud of my children [Angel Gabriel, 12, and Miguel Armando, 9]. I want people to see [through my reality show]  how blessed I am with such a beautiful family. I’m a mom! They are divine. The little one loves the camera. If he could he would go to sleep with a camera. The older one is a bit more shy, but he wants to act. Both are really talented.”