Irene Diaz

Irene Diaz

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Raquel Sofia, Diana Fuentes, Irene Diaz & Anna Sophia will showcase some Latina power in Austin, Texas.

BMI Latin will present a showcase at South by Southwest featuring a lineup of strong female singers that, by contrast, calls attention to the longstanding lack of female artists anywhere near the top of the Latin charts. The "Like a Girl" set at SXSW will present artists whose muscled voices and messages continue in the line of Julieta Venegas, Ximena Sarinana, Carla Morrison and other notable South By alums.

The showcase promises to demonstrate that while women in Latin alternative and indie pop en español might hit a cement ceiling when it comes to real commercial success, their presence continues to be strong.

The bilingual show, set for March 19 at Austin, Texas' Departure Lounge, is set to feature Raquel Sofia, a former Juanes backup singer with a "boots were made for walking" attitude; torch singer Irene Diaz, who has been ripping up clubs in L.A. for a while with her retro style; and Cuban singer/songwriter Diana Fuentes, whose U.S. debut album Planeta Planetario has been widely underrated. They will joined by Anna Sophia, a budding singer/songwriter who so far has gotten some attention as a social-media cover artist.