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Romance, magic in a medieval monastery set the scene for first single from Spanish pop star’s new album

After much teasing from the artist on Twitter, the first single from Alejandro Sanz's upcoming new album is out.

The Spanish heartthrob shouldn't disappoint his followers with this pop ballad, accompanied by a romantic video shot in a medieval monastery in Galicia, Spain. "Un Zombie a la Intemperie" (Which basically translates as "A Zombie Outdoors") is the clumsy title of an upbeat, easily singable love song typical of Sanz's laid back style, backed by lightly arranged piano, drums, violin and cello.

"Sin ti solo soy un zombie," ("Without you I'm just a zombie"), Sanz sings at the chorus, taking on a deep, zombie-ish voice. But the silliness actually adds to the song's appeal and shows that at 46, Sanz has not lost his boyish charm.

The video is a more dramatic romantic affair, in which Sanz appears with Spanish actresses Inma Cuesta and Marta Etura. There's an air of romantic fantasy and period alchemy, with misty landscapes and scenes of Sanz appearing to levitate books and papers. The aesthetic suggests that Sanz and the clip's director, Rubén Martin, are fans of Game of Thrones.