Late Latin Icon Gustavo Cerati: 10 Essential Tracks

Gustavo Cerati, 2007.

Gustavo Cerati performs in Bogota, Columbia on November 24, 2007.

A prolific musician, Gustavo Cerati had many incarnations: as founding member of Soda Stereo, as a soloist, as a producer and collaborator, and always, as a singer/songwriter of forceful but eminently melodic songs that became the soundtrack of generations. Cerati died Thursday (Sept. 4), almost four years after he suffered a stroke following a concert in Venezuela.

Here are 10 must-listen Cerati tracks:

With Soda Stereo:

1. "De Musica Ligera" (1990):  This live version underscores Soda Stereo’s massive popularity.

2. "En la Ciudad de la Furia" (1988): The first single from Soda Stereo’s Doble Vida.

3. "Persiana Americana": Performed at the Viña del Mar Festival in 1987.

4. "Cuando Pase el Temblor" (1986): The second track on the 1985 Nada personal album.

Solo Gustavo Cerati:

1. "Crimen" (2006): This slow ballad won a Latin Grammy for Best Rock Song.

2. "Verbo Carne" (2001): From his live album 11 Episoidos Sinfónicos.

3. "Paseo Inmoral" (1999): The third single from Bocanaa, Cerati’s first solo album.

4. "Rapto" (2009): Written by Cerati with his son, Benito, it was a single from his fifth studio album, Fuerza Natural.

5. "Déjà Vu" (2009): Also from Fuerza Natural.

6. "No" (2005): The second single from Shakira's Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 featured Cerati on guitar and background vocals.