Katherine Alexander

Katherine Alexander

SBS executive Jesus Salas' attorneys will meet with Latin pop singer Katherine Alexander's legal team on Thursday in hopes that both sides can settle a lawsuit which claims the songstress unknowingly signed a contract that forced her to give up most of her earnings.

The mediation, taking place in Miami, will allow both parties an opportunity to try settling the case before it goes any further through the court system, said Richard Wolfe, Alexander's attorney.

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As previously reported in Billboard, the Miami-based singer has alleged that she was sexually assaulted when she no longer was interested in Salas and wanted out of her contract, Wolfe said.

Wolfe is exclusively handling the civil case which is seeking $1 million for money that Alexander would have made, Wolfe said, adding that this number is based on an expert opinion.

"We're hoping she gets awarded damages because under her contract she's tied up giving 110 percent of her income (to Salas) for the next 15 years," Wolfe said.

Alexander, Wolfe said, also filed a police report separately to Miami county authorities about month ago claiming she had been raped by Salas. Additionally, the singer also filed a restraining order for Salas to stay away 500 feet away. The SBS executive was asked to surrender any guns that he owns, Wolfe said.

"He's very controlling and manipulating," Wolfe said. "He showed her guns and he told her that he took a shot at his ex-wife and showed her the bullet hole. He then started demanding sex." 

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Salas, executive vice president of programming at SBS, has denied any wrongdoing. His legal representatives, through the 11th Judicial Curcuit of Florida serving Miami-Dade County, filed a 10-page preliminary answer on July 17 in regards to Katherine's sexual assault claims, calling her allegations a "malicious abuse of the court's important and valuable procedural safeguards for those truly in need of the court's projection."

Salas' legal team is also asking the court to set aside the temporary injunction filed on behalf of Alexander who is also claiming that she was "cyber-bullied" by Salas who she claims posted photos of her online without consent. Salas' attorneys have stated that Alexander has not provided any evidence.

Comment from Salas was not immediately available for this story, but earlier this month, through a publicist, the radio executive sent Billboard an exclusive statement declaring that Alexander's claims are not true.

"The assertions and claims in that suit are false," Salas said. "Testimony and evidence will conclusively establish the false nature of claims in court."

The longtime radio executive, according to his LinkedIn profile, is also an FCC compliance officer, which Wolfe says is a major conflict of interest because Salas used his influence as an SBS employee to catapult Alexander's "Puttin' On the Ritz" to No. 1 on the Latin Airplay chart.

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"This is an egregious violation," Wolfe said. "That's the ultimate conflict of interest and that's also a breach of the public trust and I believe if the FCC was aware of these facts they could potentially revoke (SBS' broadcasting) license."

Wolfe said he was hopeful that both sides will reach a settlement on Thursday (July 24) so that Alexander can get on with her life and so that she can pursue other projects in the music business.

"He signed an artist, controls her, gets her earnings, has sex with her and uses his power to get her [song] to No. 1," Wolfe said. "This is a breach to the public trust. We hope to settle."