Enrique Iglesias performs at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 24, 2014.

Enrique Iglesias performs at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 24, 2014.

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There’s one time of year when caliente, that tired adjective for Latin music, feels fresh and yes... hot! Celebrate summer 2014 with this list of ten seasonal singles for summer dancing, romancing, or warming up to watch a World Cup match.

10. “Me Interesas,” Noel Torres

Norteño/banda singer Noel Torres continues to thrive in regional Mexican music with songs of love and romance. Add some drama in the form of cinematic videos and it's evident that the heartthrob will be melting hearts all summer long. "Me Interesas" reached No. 1 on Billboard's Regional Mexican Airplay chart. –Justino Aguila

9. “Rumba Soyo,” Ricardo Lemvo

The ultimate windows down, dancing outdoors music, salsa is the natural soundtrack of summer, and Ricardo Lemvo’s blend of African and Cuban rhythms is the breeziest. The Angolan-born, Los Angeles-based artist comes out with a new multilingual album on June 24. Meanwhile, throw off your shoes and dance to “Rumba Soyo.”  –Judy Cantor-Navas

Click here for a free download.

8. “Humanos a Marte,” Chayanne

The Puerto Rican’s heartthrob’s first single in a couple of years is immediately memorable, up tempo and has just the right touch of flamenco and acoustic guitars. Hate to use the adjective adorable, but adorable it is. The perfect couples’ song. –Leila Cobo 

7. "Pura Vida," Don Omar

FIFA World Cup 2014 fever is here. We bet Don Omar's "Pura Vida" (produced for Pepsi’s coinciding soccer campaign) will boost your spirit. –JA 

6. “Brasil,” Sante Les Amis

Speaking of futebol, these Uruguayan electro-rockers have created a summer anthem for Latin Alternative fans with “Brasil.” This fist-pumping, disco-infused track is equally suited to celebrating a win or dancing off a defeat. -JCN

5. “Sale el Sol,” Diana Fuentes

True to its title, “Sale el Sol” is a song that makes you want to get up in the morning and seize the day, especially if it’s the kind of day when you’re not doing much of anything. The single from Fuentes’ upcoming album “Planeta Planetario,” produced by the singer’s husband, Eduardo Cabra from Calle 13, is an upbeat accompaniment to lazy summer fun. -JCN

Stream the song here.

4. "Decidiste Dejarme," Camila

One of the most anticipated albums of the summer belongs to Camila, with the release of their latest project, “Elypse.” Expect deep, rich and powerful pop ballads along with poetic lyrics. Catch the Mexican band's latest video for the single "Decidiste Dejarme," which already boasts nearly 2 million hits on YouTube. -JA

3. “6 a.m.,” J Balvin Feat. Farruko

Anyone who’s ever partied will in some way relate to this record.  It’s 6 a.m. And you don’t know what the heck happened last night, except it was a killer party? Yep. We’ve all been there. Or, (wink), we know someone who has. -LC

2. “Can’t Get Enough,” Becky G

L.A.-native Becky G is only 17, but the rapper, who counts J.Lo among her idols, is on the rise. "Can't Get Enough" (featuring Pitbull) climbed to No. 1 on Latin Rhythm Airplay, establishing the bilingual singer's first Billboard format chart-topper. She’ll bring some Latin heat to Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour as a supporting act this summer. -JA 

1. "Bailando," Enrique Iglesias, feat. Descemer Bueno and Gente D' Zona

Were you wondering where the heck was Iglesias’ big single for Sex and Love? Here it is. “Bailando” is as good as Iglesias’ best, and the mix of flamenco, pop and urban make it the perfect summer anthem. Yes, we know the verb “Bailar” in all its tenses has been clichéd to death, but Iglesias has figured out a way to make it cool again.