Willie Mays in Calle 13's new video

Baseball legend Willie Mays guest stars in Calle 13's video for "Adentro."


Residente receives a bat from the baseball legend, bashes a Maserati, and sends an anti-bling message in "Adentro" clip

In Calle 13's dramatic new video, front man René Pérez offers his Maserati as a tomb for a pile of used guns and gold surrendered by a menacing line up of gangstas, who stand aside as Willie Mays appears like a vision in the desert. With a bat bearing Mays' name handed to him by the Hall of Famer, Pérez smashes the car windshield and sends it down a cliff.

The song, "Adentro" is from the album "Multi-Viral," which debuted at No. 4 on the Latin Albums chart and No. 1 on the Latin Rhythms chart after its Feb. 28 digital release. In the video, Pérez -- aka Residente -- plays out what he describes as his own awakening.

"I'm not a car fanatic but when I started with Calle 13 at the beginning of my career I bought a Maserati," Pérez says, on the phone from Argentina, where the band kicked off a world tour. "It was a used Maserati, but it was a part of all those temptations and all those exaggerations. When I was really inside the rap scene I fell victim to a lot of things, like a lot of people do. Then I began to travel around Latin America, and I started to connect with people in different ways and understand things differently. It was a mistake I made in my life. So when it was time to do this video, I wanted to send a big message to the kids. Instead of asking the producer to get a car to use in the video, I said, 'I'm going to use my car, I don't need it anymore." 

The car perishes at the bottom of a ravine, adding a bit of pyrotechnic flash to the stark clip directed by Cacho Lopez.

"It's a song that's personal but it talks about what's happening in Puerto Rico and other countries, about violence among young people," Pérez adds. "And the songs by rappers that talk about the excesses, not luxuries, because everyone should enjoy some luxuries, but not excesses. At least in Puerto Rico, one reason there is so much crime is that people want to have what they see in videos. It's that simple."

Pérez had envisioned smashing the car with a baseball bat and featuring a baseball player in the video. As the idea got bigger, San Francisco Giants' player Angel Pagan, a friend, offered to connect him to Mays, dubbed the "Say Hey Kid" and one of the greatest players in history.