'Guantanamera': Pete Seeger's Latin Legacy

Pete Seeger aboard the Clearwater

"There's no sense in me singing it all by myself. Let me teach it to you. Even if you never sang a note of Spanish, you can get those two words…"

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Los Lobos | The band from East L.A. included an acoustic version on their 1987 breakthrough album "By the Light of the Moon."

Jose Feliciano | The bilingual trailblazer has made his rocking versionof  "Guantanamera" a standard in his repertoire. "There are other things in Cuba besides cigars," he says in this live performance, where he shows off his guitar chops and improvises avocal riff.

Wyclef Jean | Wyclef brought the song into the hip-hop era with his Refugee Allstars on his 1997 album "The Carnival." The track features Celia Cruz and Lauryn Hill.

Julio Iglesias | Julio adds some vibrato, synthesizers and "yeah,yeah, yeahs" to this loungey version of the song.

Gloria Estefan | The Cuban American icon touched on her own story whilesinging the song to troops at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in 1995.

Pitbull | Pit gets his Cuban on with the mamis in this video mix set to his dance version of the song.

Pete Seeger and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger | Seeger talks about "Guantanamera" and gives the audience a Spanish lesson as he sings the song with his Spanish-speaking grandson at Wolf Trap in 1993.