Calle 13 Promotes New Album with Nudity and Crazy Beats
Calle 13 Promotes New Album with Nudity and Crazy Beats

Calle 13 has released a video teasing a song created in collaboration with WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange using messages from fans’ Tweets and featuring Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and Palestinian vocalist and musician Kamilya Jubran.

“We’re going to take their voice, what they’re saying, their idea, and we’re going to manipulate their idea and construct a song about the media,” Calle 13's Rene Pérez tells Assange, referring to Twitter followers. The track’s “trailer” has a covert, thriller movie vibe, with the pair huddling over MacBook Pros, and includes some hardcore rapping from Pérez. “To talk against the bad media but using their voices.”

Pérez, frontman of the Puerto Rican duo, visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last June. Using the hashtag  #JulianAssangeCalle13, they sent out questions on various themes of social justice and received thousands of responses.

The track, called “Multi_Viral” is the first from Calle 13’s upcoming album, which they plan to release independently after a split with Sony Music Latin. The band announced today via the video that they will debut the complete single on Nov. 13.

Calle 13 Going Indie for New Album, Single

Calle 13’s Eduardo Cabra told Billboard last week the single would be released Nov. 12, although he mentioned that the now-confirmed release date was a logical option: “13 for Calle 13.” Cabra said the album is planned for release in March.
“We’re looking at different platforms,” Cabra said. “Maybe we will give it away for free.”