Diana Fuentes, 'Será Sol': Exclusive Video Premiere

Diana Fuentes gambols through the video for "Será Sol," which she describes as a song "about that sensation of change, of moving on, of starting something new." As you might guess by the Cuban singer’s blissful expression, that feeling is personal.

Fuentes, 28, signed with Sony Music Latin earlier this year, and "Planeta Planetario," her first international release, is due out in February 2014.

"Every song on the album is an episode in the process of change in my life,” Fuentes says. 

Eduardo Cabra, who is popularly known as Visitante of the duo Calle 13, and who is Fuentes’ husband of three years, produced the album.

“Instead of going to the movies, we went into the studio,” says Cabra, who in addition to working on other producing projects, is preparing for the independent release of Calle 13’s new album. He says that recording with Fuentes was a process that allowed him to get to know her “on another level.”

“I admire her as a woman and as an artist,” he adds.

The couple first met in Havana -- Calle 13 performed a massive open-air concert there in 2010 -- and later married in Mexico. They spent a period in Cuba, then settled in San Juan after Fuentes came to the United States on tour as part of Cuban singer/songwriter Carlos Varela’s band.

In Cuba, she collaborated with well-known artists including the rock-jazz fusion band Sintesis, X Alfonso and Desemer Bueno. Her first solo album on the Cuban label EGREM won a national Cubadisco award for best pop album.

“I’ve been working in music for 15 years and I have traveled a lot,” says Fuentes. “But I’ve never made my home in a place other than my own country. When I met Eduardo my life totally changed.” She adds that because of loosening of regulations on travel between the U.S. and Cuba, she did not have to abandon the country to move to U.S. territory, and that she and Cabra frequently go back to Havana.

“Será Sol” was written and previously recorded by Varela. With a new arrangement, Cabra has turned a symbolic acoustic ballad into a merry march, backing Fuentes with a brass band and ukulele.

Directed by Israel Lugo, a frequent Calle 13 collaborator, the video was shot in a ramshackle old country house in Puerto Rico, the only original structure standing on land slated for development.

“Everything that happens in the video are rituals that people do when they are about to embark on a stage of their life,” Fuentes says. “Everybody has a ritual for good luck. Like when you move somewhere and you bring a favorite painting or a family heirloom, or you throw a pail of cold water through the door so that everything will flow.”

At the end of the video, the singer rides off on a horse.

“It’s about change, for a country, a person, a relationship, it’s about change as a state of mind,” the singer says. “Whoever likes the song can adopt it for their own life.”