Banda el Recodo Talks Musical Legacy Award at Billboard Mexican Music Awards

Banda El Recodo performs at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards in Los Angeles, California. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Not many bands can say they've been making music for 75 years. But Banda el Recodo holds that distinction. The group was honored at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards with the Musical Legacy Award, honoring their undeniable influence in music.

Backstage, during the one-on-one interviews, the band of about 18 musicians stepped into the Billboard video suite where members of the band talked about their history, the music and what it's like to be part of a major musical institution.

"We're so happy," said Joel Lizarraga, surrounded by his bandmates. "We want to thank all of those who made this possible. You have to love this music to belong to Banda el Recodo. Maybe that's why our fans like us, because of our passion. It's been an amazing 75 years."

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The group's current single, "Vas A Llorar Por Mi" (You Will Cry For Me), is a romantic long love ballad that was filmed in New York, which is a first for the band.

"We had two weeks [on tour] in that part of the United States when we were thinking of making the video," Lizarraga said. "We wanted [to film in Brooklyn] because it's a more like old New York and our fans liked that."