Ricky Martin Honored at GLAAD Awards Ceremony
Ricky Martin Honored at GLAAD Awards Ceremony

Sony will launch "Super Song" contest in December to create a track for upcoming World Cup album, but it will NOT be the official anthem

Ricky Martin is inviting fans to enter an international contest created by Sony to write a 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil song which he will record. The song will not be the official 2014 FIFA World Cup anthem (as was erroneously reported elsewhere), but it is to be included as a track on a FIFA World Cup album to be released during next summer's tournament on label RCA, according to Alexandre Schiavo, president of Sony Music Entertainment Brazil, which is coordinating the "Super Song" contest.

"It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are you have a chance to write a song for the next World Cup and I will record it," Martin says in a video promoting the contest on international versions World Cup sponsor Sony's "One Stadium" website.

Sony's Super Song contest will be open to entries from around the world in December. Schiavo predicts it will be one of  the biggest social media events in history.

'The World Is Ours' Is Coke's 2014 World Cup Anthem

"Is this going to be the main song of the World Cup? No," Schiavo told Billboard. "But it is a song that is going to get a lot of attention. The idea as they say is to  give power to the people. Anyone with access to a computer can create some music and have the chance to co-write [the final version of] the song with Ricky and a famous producer.The winner will be invited to attend the final match of the World Cup.  There will be a lot of prizes connected with this promotion." 

Martin's previous World Cup song, 1998's "La Copa de La Vida (The Cup of Life,)" propelled the Puerto Rican singer into the global spotlight. In 2010, the official FIFA World Cup anthem was Shakira's worldwide hit "Waka Waka" with South African group Freshly Ground. It sold 1.7 million downloads in the U.S. 

"Waka Waka really raised the bar for World Cup Songs," Schiavo said. "I think this year's song will be the biggest one yet. We have had an overwhelming response [to our  search for a 2014 World Cup anthem] from artists and labels all over the world." International artists are being considered for both the main theme and other tracks on the album, which are planned for release as singles before the months before the global soccer event.

"It seems like everyone has a World Cup song," he added, explaining that FIFA officials are involved with Sony in choosing the main anthem. Sony artists will also perform at the World Cup opening ceremony on June 12. Italian choreographer Franco Dragone, a Cirque de Soleil veteran who has worked with Celine Dion, will direct that show in Sao Paulo, as well as the closing ceremony in Rio on July 13. "We are still working on putting the puzzle together."

This week, Coca-Cola, a longtime World Cup sponsor, announced the release of the first global World Cup Anthem: "The World is Ours." The song, sung by David Correy and featuring Brazilian percussion group Monobloco, follows Coke's 2010 World Cup South Africa campaign hit  "Wavin' Flag."