Romeo Santos' 'Propuesta Indecente' Video Heats Up: Watch
Marcelo Benitez/LatinContent/Getty Images

Bachata is too hot for tango in Santos' fiery new video.

Romeo Santos is far from his origins in the Bronx barrio in the new video for his No. 1 single "Propuesta Indecente." In the video, shot in Buenos Aires, the King of Bachata finds himself at a party among the city's high-class porteños, and he's bored. "There's no life" to the cocktail-sipping crowd, he complains to a group of his homies, eyeing the girls through a cloud of cigar smoke. Much more to Romeo's liking is Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez, who enters the room in a short, sequined dress as the bandoneon starts to play. The two lock eyes, and are soon doing their own version on the vertical expression of horizontal desire.

The bachata musicians take over, literally adding color to the party scenes, which started off in black-and-white. Santos and Gonzalez show off their bachata moves and take off in a fast red car, but not before starting a fire outside the Palacio San Miguel, where parts of the video were shot. Argentine director Joaquin Cambre may be fanning the flames of a tango-bachata rivalry with this video, which overall is a fun ride.

"Propuesta Indecente" is currently in the No. 4 spot on Hot Latin Songs, down from its peak on that chart at no. 3. Enrique Iglesias' "Loco", a bachata track featuring Santos, is No. 2 on the chart, following the leader of the bachata pack, Prince Royce's "Darte un Beso," at No. 1. "Propuesta Indecente" peaked at no. 1 on Latin Digital Songs, where it is now holding the No. 6 position.