Billboard will debut its first Spanish-language edition with Billboard Argentina, which launched this week. The monthly, glossy publication will be Billboard's 5th international property joining Brazil, Russia, South Korea and Japan. 

Billboard Argentina, published by Sociedad de Editores ABC 1, will feature original content from Argentina as well as select Billboard charts and content from Billboard Magazine. Jorge Arias and Hernán Simó, partners in Sociedad de Editores, will preside over the publication as CEO and Editor In Chief, respectively. 

Unlike other music magazines in Argentina, such as Rolling Stone, Billboard Argentina is dedicated 100% to music and geared toward the music fan, but it will also feature industry-leaning news. 

The cover of the inaugural , 82-page edition is Argentine iconoclast rocker Charly Garcia, who sat down for an in-depth interview for the cover story, and the pages of the first issue include other artist features and reviews as well as industry analysis, including stories on Quincy Jones and Leo Fender and an interview with the president of Sony Argentina. The Billboard charts that run in the magazine include the Billboard 200, the Billboard Hot 100 and the Social 50. 

Billboard Argentina printed 20,000 copies of its first issue, but Simó said plans call for double that number within the year. More information from Billboard Argentina can be found at @billboardarg.