Larry Hernandez

Larry Hernandez in 'El Presidente'


Regional Mexican star takes the White House in funny new video.

Inaugurated to the tune of a mariachi band and guarded by Secret Service men in cowboy hats, corrido singer Larry Hernandez plays the Spanish-speaking “El Presidente” of the United States in a new video produced by Mun2, promoting the upcoming second season of the Latino channel’s reality show “Larrymania”.

The satirical video, deftly directed by the comedic Tony Perez, pokes the immigration debate, casting the Los Angeles-born Hernandez, who was raised in Mexico, as a pres who speaks only Spanish and “solves” the border controversy by doing away with Mexico and Canada all together and claiming the territory as part of the United States.

Sebastien De La Cruz, the 11-year-old whose performance of the National Anthem at the NBA finals courted a racist backlash, makes an appearance in the video.

The rough-mannered Hernandez, known for tweeting pictures of his “package” from a handle calling himself Mayor del Cartel, is best known for his narcocorrido songs. In the wake of threats on his life because of lyrics detailing the culture of the drug trade, the Regional Mexican star expanded his repertoire to include love songs and bachata.

The second season of “Larrymania,” which airs in Spanish with English subtitles, includes scenes from his Larryvolucion 2013 tour. The first episode premieres Aug. 18 on Mun2.