Jenni Rivera 'Amazed' by Reality TV Success: 'I'm Just Being Myself'
Jenni Rivera 'Amazed' by Reality TV Success: 'I'm Just Being Myself'

At this week's Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami, Jenni Rivera talked with us about the impact of her reality show, her success, and working with CAA.

The Mexican-American star debuted her reality show, "I Love Jenni," on mun2 last year, and she says she's amazed at the response the show has gotten.

"For people to be watching 'I Love Jenni' the way they're watching it, that in itself amazes me. Because it's really a reality show. It's the cameras following me into things that I'm doing -- such as right now -- where I'm just being myself," Rivera told Billboard. "[The fact] that people are interested in Jenni, not necessarily the artist but the woman and the entrepreneur and the mother and grandmother and everything, amazes me still -- that people could even be interested in my normal life."

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Although the show "can be hard work" and "sometimes you want your privacy," Rivera said, the numbers and responses make it worth it.

The singer seems very humbled by her success, though not exactly surprised. "I've worked so hard at it. It's not that I feel like I deserve it, you kind of work hard and you have expectations, so I'm living my expectations right now."