Carla Morrison at the Latin Grammys

Carla Morrison at the Latin Grammys

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The Grammy Awards are fast approaching. Do you know your Latin nominees? In the next days we will highlight some of the leading nominees for the awards

Carla Morrison never expected 30,000 people to show during her set at last year's Vive Latino music festival in Mexico City. "It was a big, big moment," recalls the singer/songwriter who is a Grammy nominee for best Latin pop, rock or urban album. "Dejenme Llorar" is an emotionally rich, poetic and captivating album that has resonated with many.

This year the songstress will tour extensively, write more music and make sure she minds mind, body and soul to keep up with a demanding pace that's already looking packed through most of 2013. The award-winning artist, who in November won two Latin Grammys, took a breather to bring us up to date on her newfound success and what a Grammy nomination means.

What were you doing when you found out that you were nominated for a Grammy?
I was at a play. I remember my manager Gil [Gastelum] telling me have my phone near me because U.S. nominations were coming out. I really didn't think I had a chance. But then I got a text from Gil and then another message from a friend. I went outside and started crying in the middle of the street. Then some fans came up to me and asked to take a picture with me. It was overwhelming. I couldn't sleep that night.

What is the most surprising thing that happened to you this past year?
Vive Latino really cemented that things were different. I really wasn't aware that so many people knew who I was. It feels like this happened so fast. That night at the music festival I was scared to step out in front of 30,000 people. I'm not Lady Gaga. Backstage everyone kept saying that they just wanted to hear me sing from my heart with my guitar. I cried like crazy. I was thankful to God and all those people who came to see me.

What is your most important goal for 2013?
My main goal this year is to take great care of my mind, body and soul. It's easy to lose that balance when you tour and then you get sick. My main goal is to stay super healthy. I've been going to yoga and praying a lot.

Who do you hope to meet at the Grammys?
I'm taking my dad as a date. He'll be happy. As for meeting people, I'm a really shy girl. Someday I'd like to meet Shakira, but I'm not sure she's going. I'd also like to meet Rihanna, but I really don't go up to people.

If you could perform with anyone (dead or alive) who would that be and why?
I would love to perform with Patsy Cline. I just love her. I grew up listening to her because my dad was such a big fan. She's amazing. I'd also like to perform with Selena (Quintanilla). She always seemed like someone really cool to hang with.

If you had to take one album to a deserted island for a year, which would it be and why?
I would probably take "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill." That album always gives me something new. It has a lot of meanings, a lot of lessons. It's about love, loving yourself and how to love somebody. It talks about God. It's such a great album and never-ending. It's perfect for an island.