TOMORROW X TOGETHER Release 'The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape' Album, Drop 'LO$ER=LOVER' Video: Watch

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER released their repackaged album, The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, on Tuesday (Aug. 17) via HYBE and Republic Records.

The K-pop boy band released the original album, The Chaos Chapter: Freeze, in May, which reached No. 1 on Billboard's Top Album Sales and World Albums tallies in June and peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. The official reissue features three new songs: "LO$ER=LOvER;" the first track dedicated to their MOA fanbase, "MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari);" and the Emocore Mix of "0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)" featuring Seori.

TXT released the official music video for "LO$ER=LOvER" on Tuesday, which features members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai performing the chest-beating pop-rock anthem on a mobile stage in the middle of the desert.

According to a press release, The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape closes The Chaos Chapter out while introducing listeners to a world where a boy feels insignificant within a crumbling world only to feel "'you' awaken the emotion of 'love' inside of him," prompting him to make the decision to either "FIGHT against the world or to ESCAPE together with you."

Watch the "LO$ER=LOVER" music video, and stream The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, below.