Here's When BTS Thinks 'Permission to Dance' Will Hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100

BTS unwrapped their "Butter" CD single in a sweet new video while predicting the fate of "Permission to Dance," the new song included as part of the CD.

Their official YouTube channel BangtanTV posted a video Sunday of the K-pop septet unboxing the two sweet flavors of the CD packaging, which comes in "Peaches" and "Cream." How does a single titled "Butter," which is currently spending its seventh week at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, also come in "Peaches" and "Cream" flavors? Let V explain.

"Peaches can mean a good colleague," he said before Jimin jumped in to help clear up the confusion, "I didn't know what 'peaches and cream' meant at first, but they say it means a 'stylish person.'"

What the boy band claims to know for certain is when "Permission to Dance," the Ed Sheeran-co-written B-side to "Butter" on the CD, will swap spots with "Butter" on top of the Billboard chart.

The seven members have kept up with the number of weeks "Butter" has stuck to No. 1, with Suga saying, "When this airs, it'll probably be the 6th week of #1." (A day after the song aired, it was announced that the song stuck to the top spot for a seventh week.) He added, "After 6 weeks at #1 "Permission to Dance" will take the spot and be first for 4 to 5 more weeks."

Check back on Billboard.com next Monday, July 19, to see where "Permission to Dance" lands on the Billboard Hot 100 for the song's debut.

See BTS' full "Butter" CD single unboxing video below.