You Have to Watch Tomorrow X Together's Taehyun's Chilling Cover of Zayn's 'Let Me'

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From one boy band to another, Tomorrow x Together's Taehyun covered former One Direction member Zayn's 2018 single "Let Me" on Thursday (July 8).

The South Korean singer recorded his take of the English pop star's pop/R&B song in a small recording studio, sprinkling in his chilling high notes for the moving rendition. According to the YouTube video description, Taehyun also pre-recorded the background vocals for the cover and was the recording engineer.

"Baby, let me be your man/ So I can love you (I can love you)/ And if you let me be your man/ Then I'll take care of you, you/ For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours/ For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours/ For the rest of ours," the 19-year-old artist crooned with his breathy vocals that will sure take the MOA's breath away.

"Let Me" was released as the lead single from Zayn's sophomore album Icarus Falls in 2018. The song broke through the top 40 of Billboard's Adult Top 40 Airplay and Adult Contemporary charts.

One TXT fan pointed out on Twitter how Taehyun "used to practice zayn songs as a trainee" and how much covering one of his favorite artist's songs means to him.

Taehyun previously covered another English singer, Nathan Sykes, and his 2016 song "Over and Over Again," which caught Sykes' attention and scored Taehyun an invitation to sing the song live together. Singer-songwriter Gallant was also impressed with the TXT member's cover of his 2016 song "Episode."

Watch Taehyun's cover of "Let Me" below.