BTS Teases 'Butter' Remix, and It's About to Get 'Hotter'

Looks like BTS will be melting the ARMY's heart even more with the "Hotter Remix" of their latest English-language single "Butter."

The K-pop septet teased the news on Thursday (May 27) with a series of smoldering solo shots and a warm-toned group photo. The remix will drop on Friday at midnight ET, which is when fans will have to wait and see if any other musical artists will join them.

Queen cheekily commented about the song's beat reminiscent of the veteran British rockers' Billboard Hot 100 1980 No. 1 single "Another One Bites The Dust." "Are you ready hey are you ready for this..." the band tweeted on May 18 along with the message "Another One Bites The Dust x #BTS_Butter," accompanied by a GIF of late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. But it remains unclear if Queen's comment signaled a sizzling remix was on the way.

BTS has already broken records with "Butter" after the new single recorded the largest single-day streams for a song in the streaming service's history with more than 20.9 million global streams, a Spotify rep confirmed to Billboard two days after the tune's release on May 21.

Additionally, the official music video set a new all-time 24-hour record of 108.2 million views, defeating the boy band's previous record of 101.1 million views for their first No. 1 English-language hit, "Dynamite." The video also had the biggest YouTube music video premiere with more than 3.9 million peak concurrents, a record "Dynamite" set last August with more than three million peak concurrents.

See how much "hotter" the remix will be with BTS' new teaser photos below.