BTS Reflect on Their Fragmented Memories in 'Film Out' Music Video

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BTS, "Film out"

Time is fleeting for BTS in their explosive music video for their new single "Film Out," which was released on April 1.

Each member of K-pop boy band reflects on the moments they had with one another in a pristine white-themed house before they fade into distant memories, a tiny hourglass counting down their gradual disappearance right in front of Jin's eyes. He's left alone in the house until a sudden red-hot explosion leaves the house in disarray, a scene that members of the ARMY have compared to an early one in BTS' "Fake Love" music video from 2018.

Fans believe the other striking cinematic parallels between both music videos to mean that they exist in parallel universes.

"Film Out" will be included in the septet's next Japanese albumBTS, The Best, which will be released on June 16. The song was written along with J-pop band Back Number, and will appear as the ending theme in the upcoming Japanese movie SIGNAL The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit, due on April 2. Jungkook is also credited as one of the song's producers.

"The new song 'Film Out' is a track we wrote together with Back Number, and we were drawn to the beautiful melody when we first received the demo from Mr. Shimizu," BTS shared in a press release. "We fell in love with the song while we were working on it, so we hope you all like it, too. It’s a ballad with a poignant melody and lyrics, and we’re sure it has the power to touch many people’s hearts. Please enjoy our song along with the movie."

Watch their "Film out" music video below.

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