BTS' Jungkook Dyed His Hair Blue & the ARMY Is Convinced He's Dropping His Mixtape Soon

BTS' Jungkook debuted his latest hair color on Tuesday (Feb. 23), and the ARMY is convinced he's close to debuting his solo mixtape this year.

He took to Twitter to show off the blue locks framing his face, with a short message that translates to, "Self dyeing 🙂 #JJK." The K-pop superstar previously had golden blond hair that fans were sure indicated the title of his 2021 tape would be Golden. Not to mention, Jungkook's nickname is Golden Maknae, the "golden" part symbolizing his overall talent, and "maknae" meaning he's the youngest member of the group.

He also debuted his blond 'do at the Golden Disk Awards in January, which seemed to seal the deal on the ARMY's theory.  Tweeted one fan at the time: "WAIT I JUST REMEMBERED WHEN TAEHYUNG ASKED JUNGKOOK WHY HE DYED HIS HAIR BLONDE LAST NIGHT JUNGKOOK COMPLETELY AVOIDED ANSWERING THE ACTUAL QUESTION- JJK1 MIGHT ACTUALLY BE DROPPING SOON."

So what does his blue hair signal in terms of his mixtape? Some Twitter users think the hashtag he used at the end of his tweet, #JJK (which stands for his full name Jeon Jung-kook), could be be a sign that his solo music is on the way. Or simply it means new hair, new music.

"What if he dyed his hair for JJK1.... also the # on his tweet .... Jungkook mixtape haha," one fan tweeted. "#JJK #JJK #JJK #JJK MIXTAPE COMING SOON I KNOW THATS RIGHT"

"We all know he used the hashtag which is the #/JJK and us, have a feeling that JJK1 mixtape will come SOON," noted another ARMY member. "A new comeback, jimin and namjoon is blonde right now, but JK changed his hair color to blue."

Either way, Jungkook did assure the ARMY at the end of BTS' MTV Unplugged special Tuesday night, "We will continue to stay by your side this year with good music." So fans will have to wait and see what exactly he has in store for them in 2021. 

See Jungkook's new blue 'do below.