BTS' J-Hope Relates to Justin Bieber's 'Lonely' & the Song's Look at Fame

BTS chatted with Apple Music's Zane Lowe in a new interview to break down their biggest hits and their understanding of fame.

In the chat posted to YouTube Feb. 7, Lowe asked the K-pop global superstars how they've come to terms with their fame, and J-Hope framed it in the context of one of Justin Bieber's most recent singles, "Lonely" with Benny Blanco, which juxtaposes the crowdedness of everyone being in his personal business with the isolation of being on top.

"Honestly, at this moment, I feel like I am living a life to fulfill a calling. Also, my personal motto in life is to be thankful at all times despite whatever happens and to enjoy the moment. Therefore, I try to live an accepting life," he explained. "Recently, I have been listening to Justin Bieber's 'Lonely' and have had many thoughts on how all people think similarly. Therefore, I think things that we need to bear and carry through our lives should be recognized by ourselves. This seems to be very important for all of us."

RM chimed in, saying, "It actually provides us with so many things, where we're one of the luckiest one that have had those stadium concerts and Billboard Hot 100 No. 1."

Last fall, Bieber broke down in a voiceover for E! News why BTS' first Hot 100 chart-topping hit, "Dynamite," blew up the way it did. "If anyone knows how to make history, it's BTS. The K-pop group has been shattering records across the global music industry," he started before delving into the song's historic performances on YouTube, U.S. radio and the Billboard charts.

Watch BTS' Apple Music interview below and listen to the BTS Essentials playlist here.