AB6IX Hopes to Bring Comfort With Repackaged EP 'Salute: A New Hope'



Following the release of the remixed version of Why Don’t We’s global smash hit "Fallin’ (Adrenaline)" and a series of teasers hinting to new projects, the four-member boy band AB6IX finally made their much-anticipated comeback from their mini hiatus of only two months on Monday (Jan.18) with a release of their first-ever repackaged EP titled, Salute: A New Hope, along with the official music video for its title track “Stay Young.”

“We wanted to share our new songs, especially ‘Stay Young,’ with our fans ASAP because we felt like it was themed perfectly for winter,” Donghyun explains about their ambitious comeback. “We were also really eager to share our new concept as it’s completely different from our last promotion.”

The 13-track, meticulously curated album contains six original tracks from their last album, Salute (released in November 2020), as well as three new tracks, including the title track “Stay Young,” “Apricity” and “Encore.” The release also features reworked versions of the group’s past hits such as “Surreal” and “Blind for Love” off their second EP, Vivid, and 1st LP, Sixense, consecutively.

While the album only has three new tracks, the reinterpretation of their earlier songs along with the new ones is a promising demonstration of their growing musical artistry as well as their amazing ability to adapt to new genres of music. All members ― Jeon Woong, Kim Donghyun, Park Woojin, and Lee Daehwi ― share writing credits on the album.

The title track “Stay Young,” which was co-written and composed by member Woojin alongside hitmaker GDLO, is an uplifting, lush pop/hip-hop track with beautiful lyrics of hope and courage.

“The keyword for this album is ‘youth,’” Woojin says. "We wanted to make a song that will comfort and encourage our teens and young adults who are conflicted, feeling lost or suffering from depression to know that there is hope and not to give up.”

“We hope our music can bring comfort to everyone who is going through a rough time, and be more inspired to be courageous and to know it’s OK to make mistakes.”

In the accompanying video, the members radiate in their youthful exuberance against the backdrop of the amusement park.

This article originally appeared on BillboardKorea.